How to enter an access code

If you received a message or fax with an access code, here's how to enter the access code and view the medical record instantly: 

  1. In the access code field, enter the access code provided to you. Note: This is case sensitive, do not include any spaces.
  2. In the fax code field, enter the fax code provided to you. Note: Do not include dashes, spaces, or any symbols
  3. Click on the submit button. You will now have access to the medical record.
Note: For security purposes, you may also be asked to complete a challenge upon clicking on the submit button. Simply follow the instructions to gain instant access to the medical record.

If you are unable to access the medical record after clicking submit, please double check to make sure you have entered the codes correctly. 
If you're still having issues, please make sure you are using a compatible web browser by clicking here.
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